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Unity Sand Ceremony: Its Advantages And Importance

Most individuals that have been looking for better alternatives to the unity candle ceremony have found great success in the unity sand ceremony. A unity sand ceremony is more often than not very effective especially when it comes to signifying the eternal unity between a bride and a groom. Most unity candle ceremonies often requires both the bride and the groom to light a large candle together. Most of the unity sand ceremonies that are carried out these days require the couple to pour different colored sand into one major container as this signifies their union in marriage. Most of the unity sand ceremonies are more often than not very appealing, unique, beautiful, and exciting for the couple as well as all of their invited guests and family members.

Many different cultures have specifically customized the unity sand ceremony according to their liking and preferences but most of them still retain the element of using two differently colored sand. The unity sand ceremony is more often than not very effective and beautiful and one of the reasons for this is because one color of the sand signifies the love the bride has for the groom while the other colored sand show the affection the groom has for his bride. In a unity sand ceremony, the bride and the groom will more often than not pour the different colored sand from their specific vases into one big vase and this will signify their coming together. That one big vase that now contains both colored sand often shows that the union of the bride and the groom is complete and nothing can come between them.

If the bride or the groom already has a child or children, then an extra vase of differently colored sand is often required for the children. The bride and groom in some versions of the unity sand ceremony may be required to leave a little sand in their specific vases to signify their sense of individuality.

You will more often than not have many options when it comes to the many different varieties of unity sand ceremony vases available in the market today mainly differentiated by size, design, shape, color, and weight. One of the main reasons why a unity sand ceremony is important and necessary to all couples is because the large vase containing all the different colored sands is often taken home by the couple and often serves as a reminder of their special moments especially when they are facing problems in their marriage.

Engraving your names and the date of your special wedding on the large vase containing your differently colored sands is a great way of remembering your special day and reminding each other of how special you are and how much love is shared between the both of you. The unity sand ceremony is more often than not the best ceremony to have if you want your wedding to be memorable, unique, and exciting.

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