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Features and Functions of Overhead Doors

The basic definition of a door is that it is a structure that is not stationary that we use to open and close an entrance, can be a sliding or rotating one, and it comprises of swinging panels attached through hinges. Aside from the purpose of protecting your premises, doors help in the ventilation of light and air. Where you need security and privacy, doors are used in offices, houses, garages, lounges and other places.

There is a large number of commercial doors that varies in type like for business, size, place and style. Commercial doors come in styles of rollup doors, fire rated doors, overhead doors and scissor gates. Based on your requirements, you would opt for the style of your door and at the same time look at its pros and cons. The various materials of doors can range from glass, dock, aluminium, wood or metal.

One type of door is the roll-up door that can be built in different shapes, configurations, colours, sizes and materials. There are companies that give free practical on site projections and with your operational needs.

Going to the next type of door, the fire rated doors are the type that would need exclusive fire resistant materials and when needed have to be sealed to ensure security.

For the conventional use commercially, overhead doors are most suitable for warehouse shed and garage. The advantages of this type of door are that they only account for very less area and they can be rolled upward. Note that garage doors can operate several times every day and thus is the largest moving part of your home. A periodic care and maintenance is also suggested for this type of door even if its parts are built to last and is used lightly. Maintaining regularly your garage door will give you a long lasting and reliable door that will give you good service.

There are some tips to maintain well your overhead door service. You can choose to do a DIY maintenance, do the automatic door opener maintenance, or have the professional conduct the maintenance for you.
You can conduct your DIY maintenance every three to six months, do a visual inspection of the components and look out for rust, loose hardware, cable wear and bent or broken parts. If your door is torsion spring operated, a professional maintenance service is preferable since they have the ability to keep the spring of your door free from rust.

Another type of door is the scissor gate that is used for extra security and thus is used commercially like in banks, jewellers and other related firms.

In choosing for a commercial door supplier, it is advisable that you find one who can offer you an after sale service, also check their door’s quality, function, and is corrosion safe.

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