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How To Find The Best Roofing Contractor To Fix Storm Damage after a major storm, your house may show signs of damage which will need to be fixed quickly professionally This is why you need to find a good Chattanooga storm damage contractor. We offer several tips that will help you if your home has suffered storm damage. Ensure You Get A Quote Before Any Work Is Done Stay away from any contractor who tries to get you to sign a contract before offering you an estimate. This will not only bind you contractually, but it allows the company to go directly to your insurance company without having to give you their quote in writing. it is very important for you to insist that your storm damage repair contractor provides you with an estimate that clearly explains all the work to be done and the type of materials to be used to complete the job.
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When you find a roofing contractor with the right level of expertise, you can be certain of completing your job successfully. A good rule of thumb is to find a company that has been in the business for at least five years. This not only eliminates ‘fly-by-night” outfits that are looking to cash in on the post-storm business boom, but ensures that you get the best work done on your home. Work With A Chattanooga Roofing Contractor After a major storm, many roofing companies from all across the country are drawn to Chattanooga. These contractors are quick to come in, take on a lot of storm damage repair work, then leave as soon as another storm hits elsewhere. If any issue with your roof comes up after they complete the installation, they are unlikely to return to service your home’s roof. Make The Best Of A Bad Situation By Redesigning Your Roof Your roof makes up almost 50 percent of the outside appearance of your home. You can dramatically change the way your home looks by carefully choosing a new style or color of shingle. Storm damage repair is a good way to save money on the redesign of your roof. Get Your House Inspected For Storm Damage Immediately If you do not carry out repairs immediately after the storm and then put your house on the market in a few years, home inspectors could flag it for storm damage. The result could be that you have to fix your roof in order to be allowed to sell your home. You may be forced to pay for a new roof yourself by you insurer if the damage is flagged more than a year after the storm.