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Important Details Regarding AA Tokens

AA Tokens are known to show sobriety. It is made of aluminum and used by the members of alcoholic anonymous, 12 steps and any other groups of sobriety So as to mark various milestones in recovery and sobriety this member of this groups use this AA tokens there are also most efficient in the scoring the time a given person has remained sober.

This is some of the importance of the AA tokens in sobriety. The most vital significance of the token is to show the alcoholism or the addict can manage to come out of the addiction and regain to his or her regular state. By attending some of the AA meetings it will help you mark the time that you have remained sober by avoiding the use of alcohol and drugs and the tokens will show some of the straggles that you have taken to achieve sobriety.

Each token usually has its significance in lives or the persons receiving them, there are many tokens, and each token is meant to serve importance to those who receive them. For Instance a person first day in recovery will be given a white token to show that he or she has remained sober for 24 hours that day, by doing so the victim will be motivated to continue with the practice so that to gain the next token The white token will be given to that person who had been greatly influenced by addiction and had managed to recover to sobriety

The different colors of the token resemble various aspects of abstinence. These are the meaning to different color of the token in sobriety. The tokens are customarily anodized plastic or aluminum. This Tokens color show a specific duration of time in the sobriety. Some of the colors may be the same, but the symbolization of the token is different from the other. A the gold token will symbolize the second, fourth and the eight month of being sober. The red color represents the first, third and the eleventh month. The green color represents the third and the tenth month. purple will be issued to the victim in the seventh month and the ninth month and the bronze will be for the whole year.

An order for the tokens to be of much help to you it is good to join the AA groups. Most of the people in this AA groups where living as addicts and now they are usually living and alcohol-free. The AA groups are of many benefits because the give some information that can be of much help to you in your journey of sobriety.

Staying sober for an addict is hard but will the help of this tokens, you start your journey in sobriety.

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