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The Roles and Impact of Attorneys An attorney, also referred to as a lawyer, is the only who has legal power to represent others in a court hearing or trial. A lawyer may be all round in terms of expertise and knowledge while others may be specialized to work in a specific field of law. The expertise of attorneys and lawyers has been embraced and is well seen when they are employed in private and corporate business entities. It is the duty of the attorney representing you to gather necessary information so that he or she can have better grounds for representation. Some other attorneys work under local or state governments while others are self-employed and own law firms. The power of an attorneys lies in the legal documentation allowing him or her to act in place of another person. The case that you have been given to work on as an attorney will determine what role you will play which may be neutralism, advocacy or even advisory. Advising attorneys take it to themselves to make the client understand the legalities involved in the case given. As an advocate, the attorney asserts to the power of client hence fully representing and advocating for your rights and benefits as well. As a negotiator, an attorney seeks to achieve full consistency of honest dealings to the advantage of the client. As an intermediary, the attorney is expected to reconcile the clients taking interests in the legality and essentiality of the case. Being a third party means that the attorney takes no sides but is present so as to help the parties come up with productive and great solution.
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In the case of an evaluator, the attorney is required to assess the legal framework of the client then submit to the relevant authorities. It is a legal requirement that you being an attorney exhibit competency and diligence in all cases. As an attorney, dealing with clients require that you exhibit great communication skills so as to enable you get the necessary information to help you deal with the case.
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Confidentiality is key when it comes to attorney since most of the cases usually involve personal and vital information. It is important that in whichever case that the attorney or lawyer is working in, he or she adheres to the professional code of conduct at all times. As important as it is for a lawyer to advocate for the client’s dues, it is important that he or she upholds the legal process or rather the legal requirements of the constitution. The importance of the work that attorney do in our societies is immeasurably immense.