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Choosing the Best Background for Your Video

The background you use in your video is important whether during video conferencing or video shooting. While natural surroundings can be used in a video shoot, they sometimes end up exposing things that you wouldn’t have liked to display publicly. If you make the right choice and opt for video backgrounds, here are some of the things you should consider before choosing your ideal background.

Choose a slower motion background

The last thing you would want to do is to make it harder for people in the video chat to focus on you. This can only be achieved if your video background isn’t moving too fast. Make it a priority to check video backgrounds and ensure that they are not moving very fast to the extent that focusing becomes a problem. This will also make it possible for people to see text that you may display on the screen.

Your presentation and background should complement each other

The background you select should be in line with your presentation or else it might put off your audience. It is important to choose a background that does not conflict with the views your audience holds or their moral grounds. Instead, tend to focus on backgrounds that help you communicate your message clearly rather than just for showing off.

Select an uncluttered design

To visualize any aspect that you want, you should go with a solid background. When you have text on the screen, you shouldn’t opt for very colorful or cluttered backgrounds. An uncluttered background will not only enhance your video presentation, but also make it eye catching.

Use looping only when necessary

Looping isn’t always ideal unless it can be used to convey your message much better than a solid background. The loops you use should be done properly with blended start and end points so that they are more helpful instead of being more of a distraction. You should also put more effort into getting that seamless look that is appealing to your audience. This means that background loops aren’t one of those backgrounds that you can rush when choosing.

Choose the right encoding

The encoding your background uses should be compatible to the media you are using to record or stream your video. Never go for formats that are rarely used since this might give people who are trying to stream the videos a lot of problems. You should also have in mind the right resolution and the frame size that is needed for your video. If you are to use plugins, go for those that work with the format of the video background you have opted for.

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