5 Common Mistakes Website Owners make while using Dedicated Servers

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As you are aware, dedicated servers offers website owners a greater degree of flexibility than other hosting solutions. Switching your organization’s official website to a dedicated server is associated with a set of challenges and benefits too. However, there are deadly pitfalls that web administrators and owners make while using dedicated hosting. These include;

1. Incompetent cost management

Poor cost management is the biggest mistake people make while using a dedicated server (servidor dedicado). While dedicated hosting services are expensive and seldom have hidden expenses, most organizations tend to underestimate the related maintenance costs. Before you switch to dedicated hosting services, consider ensure that you understand all the costs associated with these services.

2. Permissions and login issues

Most people using dedicated server services create weak passwords and don’t use stringent user permissions. Here are a few tips to help you close these security loopholes.

  • Set a secure (strong) password that no one can guess easily. Weak passwords give hackers an opportunity to attack your server.
  • Disable root logins
  • Limit the file permissions where necessary

Setting the right permits and login restrictions will lock out all malicious access by unauthorized individuals.

3. Ignoring possible security threats

Different server options are prone to risks. Thus, it’s important to take all the necessary measures to keep them safe. Request your hosting service provider to offer you sever shield, uninterrupted server monitoring, and server hardening. Even if you bought a dedicated hosting, that doesn’t mean that the server security isn’t your responsibility.

4. Failure to consider your business needs

You might have scrutinized your business requirements before you flag off the purchase. However, it’s important to review these requirements once more to identify the resources you need to fill in. Experts recommend that you should create a checklist before rolling out the deal.

Here are some of the things you should include in your checklist;

  • Disaster recovery
  • Safe access to sever and the integrity of data
  • File management system
  • Firewalls and other methods of protecting against all forms of distributed DOS attacks
  • PCI compliance
  • Availability
  • Scalability

Addressing these issues ensures that your dedicated servers can cater for all your business requirements effectively.

 Don’t make these silly mistakes with your dedicated hosting

Most experts will tell you that the best way to deal with mistakes is to be proactive rather than reactive. Focus on preventing the mistake rather than reacting after it has happened. Here are tips to help you handle your dedicated servers effectively.

Don’t repeat your past mistakes: It’s wise to avoid all mistakes at all costs, but when they happen, learn from them and ensure that they don’t happen again.

Research extensively: Regardless of how well you understand dedicated servers, take the time to conduct proper research to understand your dedicated servers. Technology keeps on evolving, and you must keep up with trends and important updates.

When correctly configured and used in the right way, dedicated servers are associated with great benefits. Don’t let mistakes that can be stopped ruin your project. Instead, set proper cost management system, the right permissions and login procedures, address all the security threats, and ensure that you have a server that caters to all your business needs.