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Elephant kratom rises to the crushed leaves of the Elephant kratom tree. These trees are grown in select pockets of Southeast Asia where they’re cared for in remote locations that allow them to succeed in awesome heights. Elephant kratom trees can grow as tall as 85-90 feet tall with a mean trunk circumference of three feet in breadth.

Types of Elephant Leaf Kratom

  • Wild Red Elephant Kratom

Older and bigger trees are generally selected for creating red elephant powdered kratom full of an ample range of alkaloids. Red leaf kratom is very desirable among consumers.

Pain relief: one among the foremost admired qualities of red leaf elephant powder is its pain management. Red elephant kratom leaf promotes the impact of opioid-based pain-relieving medicines without causing addiction.

Focus and Productivity: Red-veined elephant leaf offers high attention to its consumers, thus helping to clear thoughts with soothing results.

Relaxation and Sedation: Red leaf kratom is right for handling sleeplessness and jitters. It gives peaceful and relaxed roll in the hay more organized psychological state.

Euphoria: The utilization of Red leaf powder will cause you to experience exhilaration happily.

Reduction in Anxiety: With the mild calming and sedating effects of red class kratom, it can effectively hamper the anxiety bars.

Enhance your mood: Red leaf powder is liable for producing mild stimulatory effects which will bring out a burst of energy to kick-start your day with enhanced mood.

  • White Elephant Kratom

Likewise, to the previous type, white elephant leaf kratom also gets its name from the dimensions and shape of its leaves that are large and droopy much almost like elephant ears.

Reliefs’ body aches: the utilization of white elephant leaf powder eases up intense body pains in within short period as compared to other pain medications.

Deals with Depression and Stress: the aim of White class kratom guarantees quick results to affect depression and stress while making your brain relax.

Improves focus: Using the moderate dosage of white leaf powder could help increase productivity and brain functioning. The improved focus can assist the consumers in delivering their work on best.

Elevating mood: the utilization of white elephant could enhance your mood by making you cheerful and motivated within a couple of minutes.

  • Green Elephant Kratom

Green elephant is a perfect choice and highly demanding among consumers due to its natural earthy taste and great potency levels

Euphoria and Stimulation: Green-veined elephant leaf is very stimulating and moderately euphoric.

Focus and mental clarity: Green class of elephant strain also helps in improving mental focus and clarity.

Sedation: Green elephant strains aren’t sedating, although the experience may vary from person to person.

Pain relief: they need mild pain-relieving qualities as compared to Red elephant.


The horned leaves of the so-called Horned Kratom plant are a morphological trait that develops during the maturation process. This typically occurs because the plant reaches full size. The live kratom plants combat this feature after an extended period of your time.

Because the maturation process can take quite a year, these particular kratom leaves are rarer than the remainder of the kratom family. The season is precarious at the best and requires tender love and care. Some farmers keep Horn Kratom plants in galvanized wash tubs so on keep them well hydrated.

  • Red Horn Kratom

Red vein kratom strains are often favored by many kratom enthusiasts for his or her robust and relaxing aromas, and red horn kratom is not any exception.

White Horn Kratom

Despite the horned look of its leaves, white horned kratom shares many similarities with strains like White Borneo and White Maeng Da. Most users have described the strain’s aroma as simultaneously energizing and mildly soothing.